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2.4 million prize pool for TI3 Compendium achieved 1 Размещено: 29. Jun 2013 Добавил Cara


Valve launched Interactive Compendium for DOTA2 The International III which has convenient spectator function. The 25% of the revenue will be added into the prize pool of the event directly.


DOTA2, The International, Solo, Ti3


At present, the goal give of $2.4 million has been achieved. Compendium purchasers can vote on participants in an 8 player Solo Championship (1 vs 1) at The International.




The next goal for DOTA2 Interactive Compendium is $2.6 million. And Compendium purchasers can get a new immortal item after that. Come on and buy The International Interactive Compendium.



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