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Firefly Universe Online Producer Explains Disappearance of Social Network Pages 0 Размещено: 20. Jul 2012 Добавил Kitty


If you’ve been keeping tabs on DarkCryo’s Firefly Universe Online MMOG work, you might have noticed that their Facebook and Twitter pages disappeared into the black of Internet space yesterday. Don’t fret, the signal hasn’t been stopped. It’s simply continuing on to a different location. We reached out to DarkCryo Entertainment Producer Craig Redl to make sure that some pesky alliance suit hadn’t infiltrated the studio and messed with the wiring. Luckily, everything is still shiny. Redl gave us a quick update and put to rest a few concerns, “FUO isn't going anywhere, we've simply decided to shave down our online profile a notch, swapping Facebook and Twitter for upcoming internal forums, Redl said."


Redl also gave us a rundown of some of the stats for Firefly Universe Online’s social network pages and why they decided to take this approach.


Our facebook had 4,400 likes, with over 7,000 reaches per post, yet only 9% were active on our wall. Twitter had a mere 60 followers, yet when we made it private, we were flooded with emails asking to make it public. Now then take our websites, seeing well over a half a million visitors in the past 11 months, yet signups account for just over 6,400.


This is exactly the pitfall we want to avoid, coming to the demise of MMOs that expect 10,000 users, but then overloading the servers with 100,000 the day after launch. If this is any indication of the amount of traffic we can expect, even if it is for but a few days of onlooker trolling curiosity, we have to fine-tune our demographic. After all, we would rather service 5000 diehard fans that are a joy to roleplay with, than 100,000 trolls that no one wants to be around.


DarkCryo’s website is being transformed into a gaming portal somewhat akin to Blizzard’s Battle.net according to Redl. But given the small size of DarkCryo's development team, the updates have been a bit slower than that of games with larger teams, so progression times may vary. While these changes are currently in the works, Redl admits that they could change in the future.


In the meantime, browncoats can keep up with the latest news for Firefly Universe Online via the DarkCryo website.


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