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WOW:New mounts for Mists of Pandaria revealed 0 Размещено: 30. Aug 2012 Добавил Kitty


Blizzard adding "dozens" of new mounts with upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, including cloud serpents, yaks, birds, and flying discs.


In addition to introducing the new Pandaria zone and Pandaren race, next month's World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria will bring "dozens" of new mounts, Blizzard has announced. The developer revealed these today through the World of Warcraft website , detailing a host of animal beasts and vehicles.


Mists of Pandaria brings dragon cloud serpent mounts.


New mounts for Mists of Pandaria include cloud serpents (at right), water striders, flying discs, yaks, and a gun-mounted zeppelin. More details and images of the expansion's mounts are available through the game's website.


Mists of Pandaria is World of Warcraft's fourth expansion, and arrives on September 25 . The add-on also bumps the game's level cap to 90 and introduces a new monk class.



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All of my qusetoins settled-thanks!

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Reading this makes my decisions esaeir than taking candy from a baby.

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If not for your writing this topic could be very convleoutd and oblique.