Alicia Launches the First Closed Beta Test Soon 0 Размещено: 1. Sep 2012 Добавил Bill


Horse and My Story, Alicia, developed by Korea-based Ntreev Soft for four years takes racing and the interactive development between characters and horses as the theme, lays stress on the special sense of speed and rhythm that can be experienced in real horse races and allows players to enjoy RPG development elements by means of horses managing, mating and raising.

On December 8th, Ntreev Soft was excited to proclaim the launch of the first closed beta tester recruitment. During the test period, players are able to foster their horses as they wish and acquire unprecedented fun from various challenging events and horse management. The CBT is tentatively scheduled for 1:00pm-9:00pm every day from Dec. 17 to Dec. 23. In this test, five maps will be made public together with the growth process of characters and horses and other thrilling racing content. In the meantime, more new screenshots and game information have been updated on the Alicia official website along with the release of the CB news. Later, more up-to-date information will be unveiled through developer blog from time to time, please keep your eyes peeled!


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