Coming soon: Restful Summer Event and Black Cloud Marketplace update! 0 Размещено: 1. Sep 2012 Добавил Bill


Do you like the extra boost you get with Energy of Repose for taking a break from the game? Our Restful Summer Event begins Wednesday, August 15!

For two weeks, each hour you are logged into game, a Tea of Repose will be given to you. In addition, certain monsters throughout Atreia's dungeons will drop even stronger potions of Tea of Repose. Short on time? Pick up some extra Tea of Repose potions in the Black Cloud Marketplace!

Since it's summer, we will be offering swimsuits, beach hats, sunglasses, and other summer gear on the Marketplace! We'll also be selling the "Flirt" and "Forbidden Dance" emotes. Talk about some "hot" summer nights!

For those with their eyes on gearing up for 3.5, Greater Supplements and Felicitous Manastone Bundles will be also be debuting in the store!

This is just a short preview - be sure to check out the full details of the Restful Summer Event and the August Black Cloud Marketplace update available on Wednesday!


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