Craft of Gods Revamps Animations for April 29th's Beta Test 0 Размещено: 1. Sep 2012 Добавил Bill


    Slavic mythology based MMORPG Craft of Gods' next Open Beta will start on April 29th, the publisher Kalicanthus Entertainment says the interface and combat animations has been revamped. Besides, 2l new dungeons will be added. The special feature in Craft of Gods isDemigod title, player who gain this title will acquire incredible combat and craft abilities.

In the latest Patch 1.37, Craft of Gods improved the game's quality based on players' feedback from the previous test, such as graphic. The developer introduced two new dungeons, "Catacombs" (level 20-40) and "Underground Palace of Tagore" (level 40-60) to add more contents to players. According to the developer, the game is set to launch on May 27th.

Here are some improved interface and animations screens


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