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On Nov. 17, Ntreev Soft first unveiled its independently developed project - Alicia, once codenamed Project Alice. With the game name confirmed, Ntreev also launched the game'sofficial site


After 4 years of development and with Ntreev Soft's great development strength, Alicia finally makes its appearance, serving as one of the latest powerful projects of Ntreev in 2009.


As a new themed racing game, Alicia combines together elements of "horse" (familiar to human) and "racing", where players will be allowed to ride horses and enjoy uplifting and rhythmic gallops via actions like jump and fly. Alicia integrates the unique art style featured inTrickster and Super Swing Golf, and intensifies the element of horse & human galloping, with the hope of arousing the interest of female players as well. The game will enable players not only to play with horses seldom accessible in daily life but also to experience film-like fantastic horse adventures. With fresh and new gaming fun provided, Alicia is also highly anticipated in overseas market.


Alicia will bring players breathlessly exciting gaming fun, making players able to feel the horses' delicately rendered dynamic actions in a natural and real-time manner. And with the pure gaming mode of "Win or Lose" abandoned, Alicia players will also be able to communicate with horses naturally and enjoy the unique gaming experience, through the management and mating of horses.


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