Here Are Some Fresh In-game Screens for You to Enjoy in Cable 2 0 Размещено: 1. Sep 2012 Добавил Bill


Korea-based ESTsoft announced the official blog of Cabal 2 OL, a brand new 3D MMORPG being developed by the company. In future, the players can communicate and acquire updated game news via the blog.


Cabal 2 OL, as an MMO tailored for action game fans, will adopt the method similar to the dynamic image capture system to make its graphics and effects more real. Compared to its prequel, the combat actions in Cabal 2 OL will be improved and more freedom will be experienced in its character development and skills.

Several important maps in the early stage of the game have been released this time via the official blog of Cabal 2 OL. With the updated gameplay screenshots, we can see the dedicate effects created by CryEngine and also have a sneak peek at the latest development progress of the game.





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