Introducing Faction Incentives! 0 Размещено: 1. Sep 2012 Добавил Bill


We recognize that several of our servers are suffering from faction imbalance. On Tiamat, Siel, and Israphel, the Asmodian faction has substantially fewer active players than the Elyos faction. On Kahrun, the number of active players on each side is extremely close.

Please note that having the same number of active players does not mean that one faction is not dominant due to factors such as leadership and amount of people showing up for world events and sieges. We can only attempt to balance the numbers. We cannot force those new players to then unify with their faction and join into server politics and PvP. 

Our new program is designed to provide incentives while leveling to encourage new players to choose the Asmodian side. We tried to make the rewards as you progress to end-game be basically too good to pass up. We hope that this will get new people to roll Asmodian, as well as encourage older players to level that Asmo they started ages ago and has just been sitting around collecting dust :)

The items (note that clicking on the image will make it full size and easier to read) will be sent out in surveys. These work exactly like the Adventurer's Guide surveys. If you are on the Fast Track server, you must return to your home server to claim the survey. In the list of rewards, you will see a level range. This is the range that survey will be available to you. If not claimed during that level range, it will become unavailable once you level past that specific range. The surveys are also account/server based, so once claimed on a character they cannot be claimed on an alt character on that server again. A new character on another server on the same account COULD still claim them.

Also note that these surveys are not retroactive. The program begins tomorrow after maintenance. If you have already leveled past a certain range, we have no way to distribute those previous rewards to you. You will only be able to claim rewards that you qualify for after the program begins tomorrow. 

We will also be running a promotion in the store to compliment the program. XP amulets, Drop Amulets, the Value Boost pack, Revival stones, 100% Tea of Repose and Greater Running, Courage and Awakening scrolls will all be discounted by 50% when sent to an Asmodian character.

I want to emphasize that this will not solve all of our problems overnight, or even next week. New players choosing Asmo will not reach end-game for weeks, possibly even months. However, this is a step in the direction of faction balance, and it is a step that many of you have been requesting for quite some time!


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