Horse-themed Casual Alicia Kicked off Pre-OBT on Feb. 10 1 Размещено: 1. Sep 2012 Добавил Bill


The famous South Korean game company Ntreev kicked off a pre-OBT for its Alicia, which stands as the first horse-themed casual MMO in South Korea, at 11:00am Feb. 10.


Alicia - Pre OBT Trailer

Alicia can be said as a blockbuster that has been desperately developed by Ntreev for 5 years. Colorful horse-related elements emphasized in the course of game development as well as the new content like the in-game mounts firmly caught players' eyes at the early development stage. With the help of the hot South Korean singer IU who serves as the spokesperson for Alicia this time, Alicia is enjoying outstanding promotion effects. Through a series of tests including the CBT and server safety test, the game will become a real anticipated project of 2011.


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